Welcome to c.school

c.school is a space where citizens come together to learn how to care for our cities.

We believe in cultivating thoughtful, generous relationships with the cities we live in. We explore the stories and wonders of our cities, and find meaningful, sustainable ways to contribute to our fellow citizens.

At c.school there are no students and there are no teachers. There are only people who see themselves as citizens and who are eager to listen, learn, and share. We co-create our school, and we co-create our cities.

Currently, we're active in Berlin, but if you want to start a c.school in your city - reach out!

We shape our cities, and our cities shape us.

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Well hello! You want to start c.school on your home turf? Let's make it happen - drop us a line here!

More about c.school

What kinds of things do you do at c.school?
c.school is a reflection of its creators' evolving questions. This means there is no set curriculum or program. Examples of events and activities include:
-A longform dinner with a local tourguide / longtime resident to learn about the history of a neighborhood
-A collaborative, citizen-led walking tour
-A pop-up conversation stand at a park
In general, we try to incorporate interaction with real spaces, experiences, and people in the city, along with reflective conversation into all of our activities.

Who organizes c.school?
You do! Every member of c.school is an active contributor - this could be in the form of hosting an event, planning an activity, finding and sharing resources - whatever is at the crossroads of what you love and what the community wants.

How many people are in c.school?
This varies, but c.school is organized in circles, and the max size for any one circle is 12 citizens. After this point, we've found it becomes difficult to sustain an intimate environment, where everyone feels space and ownership.

How often do you meet?
We gather monthly over dinner to hash out what we want to learn and do the coming month, and to figure out who is owning what. The rest of our time depends on what we decide we want that month.

How do I get in on this?!
You apply for our Berlin cohort or drop us a line if you want to start c.school in your own city!

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